Monday, August 22, 2005

Aging with Grace

Another birthday just rolled around for me this month. Birthdays have a way of reminding us that we are not as young as we once were. However, just a look in the mirror is all I need to see that the years are adding wrinkes to my face and gray strands to my blonde highlighted hair.

As women we experience tremendous cultural pressure to look younng and beautiful and stylish. The media and marketing gurus know how to tap into our insecurities at any age. We are told to "dress for success" and instructed "what not to wear." We may color our hair or try a variety of face creams. Some even opt for cosmetic surgery. But can we really compete with ever changing beauty standards or the latest styles and fashions imposed? The years will still take a toll on our physical appearance. So how do we face the aging process with grace and celebrate the life God has given us?

Most of us would agree that good grooming is a good thing. It's healthy to take a certain care with regards to our external appearance. Beyond that I want to focus more on an inner beauty that does not have to fade with the passing years. Here is what I wrote to describe the ageless beauty that I desire:

Ageless Beauty
By Marlene Depler

My soul need not shrivel
nor passion for life diminish
with the passing of time.
Agility of heart.
Quiet wisdom.
A steadfast hope.
Resilience amidst struggle.
Character finely chiseled.
Priorities no longer obscure.
No senseless conformity.
Pretenses diminishing.
Truth embraced without shame.
A spirit ever expanding and deepening:
Ageless beauty—my desire


(c) Marlene Depler

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LaRose Karr said...

Marlene, great piece on aging. I enjoyed reading it very much. I like the photos on your blog. They add so much to the page!

God Bless,