Monday, October 31, 2005

Clocktower in downtown Munich Posted by Picasa

Neuschwanstein Castle Posted by Picasa

Window boxes in Munich Posted by Picasa

Window boxes near castle. Posted by Picasa

Fussen area of Germany (Bavaria) Posted by Picasa

Munich Area

We only had two nights and one day in the Munich area on our way home from Bosnia. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the time we had. Maybe we will be back someday.

Clock tower in downtown Munich.

Cathedral/church nearby.

Crepes with Nutella. Fresh, hot crepes with chocolate. How can you beat that?!?!?

Cab drivers. They drive fast—and take corners fast. Hold on!

Countryside. The countryside was beautiful. The fields were still green even though the trees were in their autum splendor.

Clean. Everything seemed clean and neat.

Charming window boxes filled with colorful flowers.

Cows with cowbells. The windows were down on the train to Fussen. We could hear
the cowbells.

Castle. We saw the Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig II near Fussen. It is the one that Disney used as the model for Magic Kingdom.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Herb garden near Diocletian's Palace Posted by Picasa

Fortress in Croatia Posted by Picasa

I Remember Bosnia

My husband and I just returned home from a trip to Bosnia. Thought I would share a few memories.

I remember Bosnia:

Children and grandchildren—what a treat to spend time with five of them.

Cuddles—hugs and kisses from all the kids and lots of cuddles with Jacob.

Candyland—Brent and Rachel like to play Candyland, especially Brent. We played lots of games.

Cake—two birthday cakes! We celebrated Jacob’s first birthday and Rachel’s third birthday. Paula baked the cakes, which were absolutely scrumptious.

Coffee—all Bosnians love their coffee. It is served strong and in small cups with sugar cubes. The sugar cubes are different than the American ones.

Chocolate—Bosnian’s love chocolate as well. We sampled several varieties. Yummy!

Chocolate Croissants—you can’t beat the combination of chocolate and a croissant. I like the texture of their croissants better than the ones in the U.S.

"Chivapi"—a Bosnian favorite. (I probably don’t have this spelled correctly!) This is sort of like a pita, only bigger and a more bread-like texture filled with meat,
usually beef sausage. Chopped onion is served on the side. Quite delicious!

Cabbage—every garden had a cabbage patch. Huge bags of cabbage were for sale at every market.

Cheese—Bosnians like cheese, lots of soft cheeses and white cheeses, but no cheddar.

Cigarettes—most Bosnian adults smoke.

Chess—Ray played chess with the neighbor, who used to be a city champion. They couldn’t understand each other’s language, but they could play a few games.

Coal—sold in bags at roadside stands/the smell of coal burning.

Color—the autumn leaves on the hillsides, the mums at the corner flower shops, the bougainvillea and sunsets in Croatia and the women who love to color their hair!

Clothes hanging on balconies to dry—every balcony had clothes hanging outside to dry. Electricity is expensive, more so at peak hours.

Croatian Coast—we had a short trip over the mountains to the coast of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. We saw an old fortress, Diocletian’s palace and the ruins of a city and amphitheater at Solona.

Cell phone—we helped get Jason and Paula’s second cell phone set up, so they
could both have one to stay in touch!

"CRUH" (BREAD)!!!!!!!!! Bakeries abound, and bread is inexpensive and delicious. Bosnians eat lots of fresh bread. We loved the bread!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Quotes about Children

"Children are our most valuable natural resource."
-Herbert Hoover

"Children are not properties to own and rule over, but gifts to cherish and care for."
-Henri Nouwen

"Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, avoiding our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted."
-Garrison Keillor

"…the child who is not loved by his parents will always assume himself or herself to be unlovable rather that see the parents as deficient in the capacity to love."
- Dr. M. Scott Peck

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time Keeper! Posted by Picasa

It Takes Time

It Takes Time
By Marlene Depler

My precious child,
be patient with your dreams.
Stop rushing ahead
and pushing so hard.
Things of great value and quality take time:
good bread, great cheese, and fine wine.
Think how long diamonds are in the making!
Weavers weave, thread by thread;
painters paint, stroke by stroke;
builders build, brick upon brick.
I am preparing you for what lies ahead.
I will give you all you need.
Be patient while I shape you.
Do not give up on your dream.
Rose buds need no force to blossom—
only time.
(c) Marlene Depler