Monday, October 31, 2005

Munich Area

We only had two nights and one day in the Munich area on our way home from Bosnia. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the time we had. Maybe we will be back someday.

Clock tower in downtown Munich.

Cathedral/church nearby.

Crepes with Nutella. Fresh, hot crepes with chocolate. How can you beat that?!?!?

Cab drivers. They drive fast—and take corners fast. Hold on!

Countryside. The countryside was beautiful. The fields were still green even though the trees were in their autum splendor.

Clean. Everything seemed clean and neat.

Charming window boxes filled with colorful flowers.

Cows with cowbells. The windows were down on the train to Fussen. We could hear
the cowbells.

Castle. We saw the Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig II near Fussen. It is the one that Disney used as the model for Magic Kingdom.

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