Friday, July 17, 2009

Marlene's Gardens

I thought I would share a few current blooms from my gardens. Enjoy!

Double Delight rose! This is one of my favorites. I have around 30 rose bushes.

Hidden bloom on my Endless Summer hydrangea.

Daylilies! I don't know the variety. It was mismarked---I thought I was getting yellow.

Six of my eight garden beds. Fresh produce is wonderful

I have four pots like this one on the back patio. The purple is million belles---one of my favorites especially for hanging baskets.

Geraniums and a nice place to relax.

Clematis and mixed annuals.

I planted these petunias, and the marigolds seeded themselves from last year.

Unexpected blooms! The lone petunia and blue salva came up "volunteer."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Importance of Vitamin D

Dear Friends,

Once a month, I hope to post an article relating to health and wellness. I am NOT a doctor, but I just wish to pass on the things I read and learn. My own journey toward better health makes me want to share it with others. I hope you find the information helpful.

To your health,

FYI: Importance of Vitamin D

Everywhere I turn, I find articles about Vitamin D. Earlier this year, I heard one doctor say that 87% of Americans (adults and children) are deficient in Vitamin D. Today I read an article that said that even in Colorado where we have lots of blue sky, 74% of seniors are deficient. Many say this deficiency is epidemic. Several people I know have actually been tested and told that their levels of Vitamin D were too low.

The simple blood test to find out your level is called 25-hydroxy-vitamin D test. The optimal level for Vitamin D is 50-80 ng/ml.

Many people are not outside in the sunlight enough, and if they are out, they use sunscreen to protect against cancer. Unfortunately, when we wear sunscreen, then our bodies cannot use the sunlight to make Vitamin D.

So what’s the big deal? Why do we need to worry about our levels of Vitamin D?
*Regulates calcium levels
*Helps maintain the alkaline PH balance
*Regulates gene expression
*Low levels of Vitamin D are connected to depression, seasonal affective disorder, and cognitive function
*Low levels are associated with hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and multiple sclerosis.
*Low levels significantly increase the risk of cancer, such as colon cancer and breast cancer (Vitamin D cuts risk of breast cancer by half!!!)

*Lessens inflammation and helps fight infection
*Helps with muscle strength which helps prevent falls.
*Needed for bone health
*Helps prevent microbial skin infections

As you can see, there are a multitude of good reasons for each of us to consider supplementation with Vitamin D. Many good products are available. Consider the high quality Shaklee products that contain Vitamin D:
Vita-Lea Gold
Chewable Cal Mag Plus
Incredivites (for kids)
Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders (for kids)
Vita-Lea Infant Mix

If I can help you choose one of these supplements, please email or visit my website. Membership is FREE though August 8 (savings of $19.95) with a 50 PV order. No monthly ordering requirements.

To your health, Marlene Depler

NOTE: This is only for informational purposes. I do not diagnose or prescribe.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer Won't Last Forever

One blink and it’s already past the Fourth of July! How is it that these wonderful long days fly by like a flashes of lightning? Summer seems like it just started, but if we check the calendar, we’re almost half way through. SLOW DOWN! I want to shout to the blue sky.

As each summer approaches, I always have the illusion of an endlessly long string of days with lots of time for all the things I want to do: gardening, walking, traveling, swimming with grandkids, mountain adventures, reading on the porch swing, sipping coffee on the patio with my husband, lunch with a friend, and a whole lot more. Somehow I anticipate more than I could ever achieve at the level I desire. Perhaps it would be fair to say that I’m a bit overly optimistic. When my unrealistic expectations get thrown in the mix with the daily stuff that consumes my focus, it can be a recipe for disappointment when September arrives.

This summer, I’m attempting to be more proactive about actually putting some things on the calendar. If I don’t plan and schedule, the things I thought I would do someday never happen. This often means that I must push aside my frustration over the lack of dusting, dirty windows, stacks of paperwork, and other such things to make time for what’s more important.

I am scheduling some time with each individual grandchild. It seems to do them a world of good to have one on one time where they are the center of my attention. I have also taken the younger five to the wading pool. (I must do that again!) I still want to schedule a day for granddaughters and then one for grandsons. Summer may be flying by, but at least a few of my good intentions are becoming a reality.

I’m also trying to be more spontaneous. When my husband suggested a mountain drive two weekends in a row, I went willingly. Such enjoyable days. I’ve also stopped washing dishes to delight in a humming bird out my kitchen window. After dinner, I often slip on my walking shoes and step out the door to soak in the warmth and beauty of the evening.

No, summer won’t last forever. But I’ll do my best to savor little moments in a myriad of ways. And when I think about, I’m reminded that my summers are numbered. Even if I live to be eighty, I only have 22 summers left! Yes, I must fill my summers with what I love—what matters most! My motto today is:

“SEIZE SUMMER. Squeeze out every blessed drop of joy.”

(c) Marlene Depler 2009