Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer Won't Last Forever

One blink and it’s already past the Fourth of July! How is it that these wonderful long days fly by like a flashes of lightning? Summer seems like it just started, but if we check the calendar, we’re almost half way through. SLOW DOWN! I want to shout to the blue sky.

As each summer approaches, I always have the illusion of an endlessly long string of days with lots of time for all the things I want to do: gardening, walking, traveling, swimming with grandkids, mountain adventures, reading on the porch swing, sipping coffee on the patio with my husband, lunch with a friend, and a whole lot more. Somehow I anticipate more than I could ever achieve at the level I desire. Perhaps it would be fair to say that I’m a bit overly optimistic. When my unrealistic expectations get thrown in the mix with the daily stuff that consumes my focus, it can be a recipe for disappointment when September arrives.

This summer, I’m attempting to be more proactive about actually putting some things on the calendar. If I don’t plan and schedule, the things I thought I would do someday never happen. This often means that I must push aside my frustration over the lack of dusting, dirty windows, stacks of paperwork, and other such things to make time for what’s more important.

I am scheduling some time with each individual grandchild. It seems to do them a world of good to have one on one time where they are the center of my attention. I have also taken the younger five to the wading pool. (I must do that again!) I still want to schedule a day for granddaughters and then one for grandsons. Summer may be flying by, but at least a few of my good intentions are becoming a reality.

I’m also trying to be more spontaneous. When my husband suggested a mountain drive two weekends in a row, I went willingly. Such enjoyable days. I’ve also stopped washing dishes to delight in a humming bird out my kitchen window. After dinner, I often slip on my walking shoes and step out the door to soak in the warmth and beauty of the evening.

No, summer won’t last forever. But I’ll do my best to savor little moments in a myriad of ways. And when I think about, I’m reminded that my summers are numbered. Even if I live to be eighty, I only have 22 summers left! Yes, I must fill my summers with what I love—what matters most! My motto today is:

“SEIZE SUMMER. Squeeze out every blessed drop of joy.”

(c) Marlene Depler 2009


penny said...

It is all to true that summers always slip by with unfulfilled expectations. It has only recently hit me that the time clock is ticking way to fast and I often now wonder if I will ever get to see some of the places in the world that I keep saying that I want to visit. Or see friends again that I think of so often and wonder how they are doing. Maybe we all need to move to a warmer climate...but then we probably would not appreciate the renewal that takes place each spring and seasons would pass even quicker. Penny

Alice said...

We need a reminder every now and again to make the most of every season, not just summer.

I'm glad I live in an area where we have four distinct seasons; each one bringing its own joys.

I hope you will find many more days this summer that will become treasured memories, Marlene.

grammy said...

I agree. I started reading your blog at about sunset... I remembered that I wanted to see the sunset tonight and so went and got my bike and took off for a ride. Summer bike ride at sunset. Love it.

Kerri said...

What a blessing your sensible words are this morning! I can relate so well to what you say.
So that's what I am...overly optimistic? I like that term much more than inadequate, or disorganized :) That's how I often feel because I don't get done all that I hope to. My expectations are quite unrealistic when it comes to how much I can fit into a day.
Thank you for sharing these wise thoughts. I'm going to adopt your motto.
We had a wonderful time with the grandkids and our son and DIL last week when they visited for 3 days. Pure joy! Those are such precious times.
It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for 'dropping by' :)
I hope you have a beautiful day.

Katie R said...

thanks for visiting :) I'm jealous that you get to see my parents, and the mountains... we do have fireflies here though! enjoy your summer!