Friday, July 17, 2009

Marlene's Gardens

I thought I would share a few current blooms from my gardens. Enjoy!

Double Delight rose! This is one of my favorites. I have around 30 rose bushes.

Hidden bloom on my Endless Summer hydrangea.

Daylilies! I don't know the variety. It was mismarked---I thought I was getting yellow.

Six of my eight garden beds. Fresh produce is wonderful

I have four pots like this one on the back patio. The purple is million belles---one of my favorites especially for hanging baskets.

Geraniums and a nice place to relax.

Clematis and mixed annuals.

I planted these petunias, and the marigolds seeded themselves from last year.

Unexpected blooms! The lone petunia and blue salva came up "volunteer."


Alice said...

It was lovely to see some of your lovely garden....I think that's the first time.

You appear to have a lot of open space near your that right?

NanaNor's said...

Absolutely love your gardens!!! I miss the variety of trees we had in California but getting used to Co. plants. This year we are focused on getting our house ready to move into but come next spring I'll be planting like crazy.