Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Rendezvous with Daybreak

An intrusive beep, beep, beep jolts me from my peaceful slumber. I am reluctant to move from my cozy comfort until I remember that I have a rendezvous with daybreak. Then willingly, perhaps expectantly, I put my feet over the edge of the bed and find my robe and slippers. I quickly brew a cup of tea and open the door to the patio.

The air is cool. It smells fresh like laundry just off the clothesline. A single crow calls from a nearby tree, and crickets make monotonous, rhythmic sounds. In the distance a small plane engine drones. Cars hum over the pavement as they take early commuters to their workplaces. The trees to the east are shadowy silhouettes. Their reflection is mirrored in the two glassy ponds. A faint rim of pastel pink outlines the horizon.

The neighbor's obnoxious, diesel pick-up engine interrupts my morning meditation. It begrudgingly shifts into gear and quickly fades into the distance. Four ducks take to the water for a brief swim but then hurry back to shore. Soon they are back in the water, erasing the reflection of the trees as they swim into the cattails. Now the pale rim widens into a peach glow.

Succulent tomatoes in the garden beckon for someone to pick them before frigid fingers of frost touch them. The corn patch is in a state of disarray, giving evidence to a recent visit by hungry raccoons. Marigolds lift their bright faces to greet the new day. Tall blue spikes of salvia surround the birdbath and mingle with the sharp thorns and fragrant petals in the rose garden. An occasional weed reflects a bit of neglect on my part.

A hint of pink through the trees---now melon, then orange. Multitudes of blackbirds suddenly fly overhead, chattering and chirping their morning greetings to each other. Here she comes! The sun makes her grand entrance with such glory and grandeur. She confidently flings her magnificent robes of brilliant orange across the expanse of the eastern horizon while lavishly scattering her dazzling jewels of light across the earth. Higher and higher into the sky she rises.

There is something sacred about the sunrise. Praise to the Creator of the dawn, the daybreak. He is the giver of new days and second chances. Nourished by my morning meditation, I graciously accept the gift of a new day with both gratitude and humility.

"I shall remember the deeds of the Lord;
Surely, I will remember Thy wonders of old,
I will meditate on all Thy work,
And muse on Thy deeds.
Psalms 77:11-12 NAS

(c) Marlene Depler

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