Saturday, November 19, 2005

Under My Skin

When things upset, irritate, or annoy us, we say that they “get under our skin.” I am not sure where this expression came from. Nevertheless, today I will share a few of my pet peeves! What little things annoy you?

Things That Get Under My Skin:

Pouring a bowl of cereal, only to discover there is no milk.

Stepping on someone’s carelessly discarded chewing gum.

Flies, mice, and spiders—if the dare come in my house, it’s war!

Raccoons that have the nerve to raid my corn patch the night before I plan to harvest the first roasting ears.

Finally remembering to use a coupon at the store, only to find out it’s expired.

Wanting to cook or bake something and discovering that I’m missing one ingredient.

Running out of thread just a couple inches before finishing a seam.

Very loud music.

Unreturned phone calls.

The maze of phone menus!

Prank phone calls.

People who don’t at least attempt to keep their word.

Indirect communicators—the ones who always leave others guessing as to the real meaning of what was said.

Rudeness, crudeness, and inconsiderate behavior of all kinds.

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