Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Touch of Pink

A few days ago, I purchased a light pink turtleneck sweater. Later that day, I was given a handmade pink scarf. What a beautiful combination! My newest earrings have pink beads on them. The new little journal from a friend is pink. Some years I even decorate my Christmas tree with pink tulle and pink bulbs! (This year it's red and gold.) All this reminded me of something I wrote about the color pink:

Color my world with hues of pink.
Sweet pink frosting on cookies and cake,
strawberry ice cream,
fluffy tufts of cotton candy,
pink lemonade served over ice
quenching summertime thirst,
clouds streaked pink on either horizon.

Weave pink threads into my world.
Pink candles, pink ribbons, pink soaps—
bold or pastel, dark or light , muted or bright,
it doesn't matter as long as they're pink
Color my world with pungent geraniums
and sweet roses—of course, in shades of pink
I cannot imagine my world without a touch of pink!

(c) 2001 Marlene Depler

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