Monday, April 17, 2006

Pink flowering crabapple Posted by Picasa

These photos were taken in my neighborhood this morning while I was out for a walk. It was such a glorious morning. I also saw two squirrels, two rabbits, one duck, a Stellar jay, dozens of robins, and one sweet little boy sitting on his front stoop.


Sharon K said...

What a beautiful tree and it sounds like a good walk that you had, sounds like a fun way to get the pictures and exercise at the same time.

Alice said...

Marlene - I've not been to your site for a while (sorry) and just look at the wonders of nature that I've missed.

That sunrise was certainly God's masterpiece. Makes you want to bottle it and keep it forever, although you know there will be more if you just take the time to notice them.

The beautiful flowering trees must really lift your spirits after the winter. Such a pretty area in which you live.

Hope everything is going well for your and your family, Marlene.

Kerri said...

Beautiful photos Marlene! Love the crab apple tree. We just ordered one to plant. Sounds like you had a lovely walk.