Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall Decorations

I am enjoying the fall decorations that so many have displayed on their front doors and porches. I took these photos out on a walk a few days ago. The last photo is the wreath on my front door. Can you believe that next week will be Thanksgiving?!?!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. From Bro

smilnsigh said...

In 'September Morn' {} I just read a comment by you. I too am on a "Quest" to 'healthy-up,' as I call it.

No, I've not posted about my "Quest," as yet. Maybe I'll be brave, now that Sharen Kay has been.

But anyway, may I follow along with you, as well as with her? Even if only in our minds...when we really don't want to do the daily walk.. {like now! -smile-} We can know that we aren't alone...

Best of luck with your plans.