Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter Continues

We had more snow on Sunday, and the weather forecast says more this next weekend. Wow! This is unusual. I'm ready for spring.

Today I thought I would share a poem I wrote a few years ago about winter arriving.

Winter Arrives

By Marlene Depler

Days grow short and nights grow long.
Gone away—the meadowlark's song.
Out my window, I observe the day.
Snow feathers cascade from skies of gray.

Mountain peaks wear white stocking caps
to keep their ears warm—perhaps.
Bare-branched trees shiver in their boots.
Children frolic in colorful snowsuits.

Earth dances in her gown of white.
The pond clutches a cloak of ice.
Finches huddle in evergreen tree.
As for me, I sip a second cup of tea!

(c) Marlene Depler (Use only with permission. To reprint in any form contact author.)

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