Saturday, March 03, 2007

Great Slideshow of U.S.

Check out this website:

It has wonderful photographs of the United States. You can take a great trip without ever leaving home. I truly enjoyed this slide show, so I wanted to share it with you.


smilnsigh said...

Thank you for stopping by my Blog and leaving a Comment. And as you said, Oh yes, we in the Northern Hemisphere are ready for some signs of Spring!

Thank you for the entry here!!!


smilnsigh said...

Oh I'm so sorry that you've been sick with nasty cough/cold. Hope you are really on the mend now.

Here, all the Grands just keep bringing home various 'icky things.' The very latest being full blown Flu. :-( Since some come here, after school and when not able to go to school, I feel like I'm dodging a bullet, every day I don't get something!! Eeeek!

But... that's life. :-)

Thank you for saying I've shared good thoughts. Mostly, I just rattle on, about things which keep me 'seeing the glass half full.' But unlike my usual easy-to-rattle-on self, I didn't have much to say today. A *spectacular event* in the turning of the Universe, that is of course!!!! -giggles-

Keep giving yourself TLC. You can't take care of everyone else, when you are down.