Friday, April 06, 2007

Motley Friends

Just a few of my favorite books!
By Marlene Depler

Companions old and new;
tall and short, thick and thin.
Some don jackets, colorful and bold;
the attire of others—simple and plain.
Well-known and obscure,
yet each a friend to me.

Standing in rows, leaning, or stacked,
both hardback and paperback;
fiction and non-fiction;
favorite children's books-
first read to my children-
now to my children's children.

A world without books—who could imagine?
No Holy Scriptures, no C. S. Lewis,
no Harriot, no Hemingway,
no Dr. Suess, no Robert Frost;
no feasts of syllables and sentences;
no food for soul and spirit.

For the printed word, I'm grateful—
the various volumes in my possession:
cookbooks to commentaries,
thesaurus and assorted travel books
on castles, catacombs, cathedrals,
Paris, Pompeii, and Pearl Harbor.

These books reflect who I was,
who I am now, who I am becoming.
Each mirror a part of me—
where I have been and what I know.
If you know the company I keep,
you will also know me.

(c) Marlene Depler (Must have author's permission to reprint in any form.)


Sharon Kay said...

A beautiful poem and story and a very good post.

Kerri said...

You have such a gift for poetry and words in general. What a beautiful poem and I couldn't agree more. A world without books would be a very sad place.
I love your picture too.
Thanks for your note. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope those 3 grandchildren who are still close can keep your mind well occupied, and help alleviate some of the sadness of being apart from your daughter and family. xox

Sharon Kay said...

Hope by now you are feeling better.