Friday, July 20, 2007

Mid-summer Slump, Time for a Little Umph!

A butterfly enjoys my zinnias!

My bed of zinnias. I cut these for indoor bouquets.

My greenbeans will soon be ready!

This time of year most gardeners get a little weary. If you are like me, you are not as inspired right now as you were in spring and early summer. Early on we can't wait to get outside, get our fingers in the dirt, poke a few seeds in the ground, and plant our flowers. But then our enthusiasm gives way as summer wears on and the temperatures soar. We find a plethora of reasons NOT to work outside---anything to escape the heat.
Over the years, I've found that just when I start to get weary of yardwork is the exact time to give it one more push. So I have been out weeding, deadheading flowers, and fertilizing my potted plants. As we move into August, this last bit of "umph" pays off with more blooms and a nice garden. So another few hours out there sweating profusely---then I will rest a bit. I know I will be rewarded for my efforts.
As I think about it, life is often the same way. Many endeavors such as education, jobs, marriage, and raising kids are started with great enthusiasm. Then over time we often tire of the energy these things require.
I started writing several years ago. I began with gusto! My excitement was obvious to all who knew me. As time has gone by, that excitement has waned, and I am less inspired about writing. I am wondering if this might be the time for me to invest with a little more umph. A little spirt on energy might get me through!
How about you? Is there something that you need put your shoulder into? Could it be that the dividends of a little exhertion physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually might be worth it?


Mom on the Go said...

so true, so true. where do moms get all their wisdom. :)

JenniferLayne said...

Hello there. This is Jen, from Paula's Milligan days. Just this morning at church, my friend, Kelly, was telling me that she was trying to get all 50 states praying for her 1 year old daughter, Aubrey, who is having open heart surgery this Thursday. I asked her what states she still needed and Colorado was one of them. Yesterday, I saw that you left a comment on Paula's new blog, so I told her I could do some sleuthing and find you. So, here I am...could you, being from Colorado, pray for Aubrey? Her surgery is this Thursday, July 26. Could you email me and let me know that you saw this so that, if I don't hear from you, I can let her know we still need Colorado? Thank you so very much. It's been wonderful to catch up with Paula a bit lately!! :)


JenniferLayne said...

Oops. I forgot to give you my email address

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful flowers!!! I'm glad you got a more "umph" for this task.

Yes, we start so many things, with zest. And then our zest runs down. I feel I do this, way too often.

Projects, I mean. Get an idea. Get things to do it. Do some. Lose my "umph" for it.

But I've also come to the conclusion {well, nearly come to it -smile-} that this is just me. And to beat myself up over simple projects started and not completed, is not such a good idea either.

But I have learned to temper my initial gusto. No need to purchase lots of materials, which will then languish unused. This part, I do want to conquer. :-)