Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Andrea's---restautant in Lyons, Colorado

The historic Stanly Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Just one on the many rivers and streams.

Plein air painter

Rocky peaks taken at the entrance of MacGregor's Ranch

More peaks taken in a different direction (Notice the rain clouds moving in.)

Bed and breakfast in Glen Haven, Colorado

My tendency is to allow myself to be a slave to my to-do list. However, yesterday, I reminded myself that God ordained a day of rest and that perhaps I needed to honor what he has ordained. So I ask my husband if he wanted to go for an afternoon drive in the Rocky Mountains up toward Estes Park, Colorado. He readily agreed.

First we ran a couple of errands. I wanted a few last minute items (vanilla, cumin, dental floss, and erasers) to send to our family in Bosnia. I also needed to buy a birthday gift while it was on my mind. Then we started up Highway 66 towards the mountains. We stopped in Lyons at Andrea’s for lunch. We both had sauerbraten, spaetzle, and red cabbage—our favorite meal at this restaurant. Then we drove on up into the mountains to savor the scenery.

People come from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of the mountains near here. On almost any summer day, one can spot license plates from nearly every state in the U.S. in and around Estes Park. In a few seconds time, I saw plates from Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and California! Sometimes those of us who live here get to busy to enjoy what is right at our fingertips. I wonder how many other things I fail to enjoy or appreciate that are easily accessible to me.

Over the course of the day, we drove down highways and byways and dirt roads. We saw a plein air painter painting lily pads on a mountain pond. We found an old, perhaps now abandoned, youth camp where my husband and I had attended a retreat together not long before we were married. So we also took a trip down “memory lane.”

Much of the time we had our windows down so we could hear the rushing streams and smell the freshness of the pines. My eyes took in the delights of everything from majestic mountains to tiny purple and yellow wildflowers. Such beauty in creation always causes me to acknowledge and praise the Creator.

As we started back towards home, I knew the afternoon drive was exactly what I needed.
I am left to reflect on the importance of moments of rest from all my doing and striving. I will also consider what other things (or people) might be right at my fingertips that I need to savor and enjoy more.

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Mom on the Go said...

love the pictures! i'm so glad you took the afternoon and just savored your surroundings. the to-do list will always be there!