Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Changing Seasons

My husband and I went for a drive in the mountains this weekend to see the changing colors of fall. It's the changing of seasons for sure (see photos below). But I have also been contemplating other changes. Here the poem I wrote:


By Marlene Depler

“Keep the change.”

Change planes
Change lanes
Change direction

Time change
Weather change
Change of seasons

Name change
Address change
Career change

Changing clothes
Changing hairstyles
Going through “the change”

Change of plans
Change of heart
Change of mind

Embracing change
Resisting change
Accepting change

Change: inevitable
(c) 2008 Marlene Depler

In the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we typically only see the aspens donned in their autumn gold. Here's some my husband and I found this past weekend wearing beautiful copper/peach attire.

Nothing like an inviting side road that beckons!

Lots of yellow and gold!

The gold contrasts so wonderfully with the dark evergreens.

Mountain peaks with lovely fall colors in the forefront.

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