Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Winter's Walk

by Marlene Depler

Winter days, long and cold: I hunker down within my walls.

I have little enthusiasm for going out and about.

Today the sunshine coaxes me to overcome my hesitation

to brave the cold. I pull on a second pair of socks,

my coat, and purple gloves, stepping outside under a canvas of clear blue.

Fresh, cold air fills my lungs. I watch my breath---

then fall into a pleasant rhythm: right, left, right left.

I find room for uninterrupted contemplation in this open space.

I think about dormancy in nature as I view leaftless trees and barren rose bushes---

then wonder if I am in my own season of dormancy.

I notice the contrasts around me: the soft, virgin snow and the hard, crusty ice,

turned brown from passing cars. And the never-fading evergreens with the bare-

branched variety. Life is filled with contrasts, I conclude. Joy and sorrow, pleasure

and pain, success and failure. On I walk alone with my thoughts, one thought

cascading into another, until I finally turn to follow my lengthening shadow home.

I haven't seen a singe critter, I muse. Where are the birds and squirrels and fox?

Just then I am startled by a bird huddles in a nearby barberry bush,

soon followed by a honking "V" of geese flying directly overhead.

I smile. I walk on in pleasant reverie. I arrive home invigorated.

I promise to rendezvous with myself for a winter's walk once again---and soon.

(c) Marlene Depler 20010


NanaNor's said...

Hi dear friend, I loved this post because it sums up all feelings and emotions about winter. I pray you've been good-we must get a date on the books soon(hopefully while we still have sunshine). Stay warm and enjoy being inside.
Hugs, Noreen

grammy said...

Very nice Marlene.
Now I need to get out and walk again because that all sounded so familiar. You just need to step at a time...then the rhythm takes over (o:

Kerri said...

I completely empathize with your feelings. I hate the thought of being cold but once I rug up and go out I find it exhilarating.
But I still prefer the warmth of summer sunshine :)
You have such a gift for words. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Wishing you a wonderful happy, healthy New Year.
Sorry, there's no shortbread left, but I can always bake another batch. And make a cup of tea :)