Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Blooms

“Gardening satisfies our cravings for fresh air and sunshine. Gardening soothes our souls and replenishes our spirits. When we garden, we learn to appreciate the rhythms of the seasons and the patience to wait for spring flowers to bloom, for summer vegetables to ripen on their vines.” “...gardening is. . .a way of life that returns us to the serenity of nurturing life from the soil.” Linda Hallam, Editor, Garden Style, (Des Moines, IA: Better Homes and Gardens Books, 1999), p. 7.



Rita said...

The lily with the ruffled edges is just beautiful. Do you happen to know what kind it is?

Marlene Depler said...

Rita, I don't know what kind of lily that was. When I bought it, it was mismarked---it was supposed to be yellow like the other one.

Kerri said...

How lovely your summer blooms are! You have some really beautiful roses. Wish I could grow them as well as you do.
I know what you mean about finding time to post during the spring and summer. I've hardly posted at all.
You've had a lot going on! Sounds like lots of fun times.
I truly appreciated your post on sorting out. And your story about the shoes :)
The book sounds like a good one. I'll look for it in our local library.
Love the recipe. Looks delicious!
The mommy duck with her ducklings is so sweet. What a great photo!
I always enjoy catching up with you.

Sulo Moorthy said...

I loved the tour of your garden. Hi Marlene, how are you doing? Only recently I got into blogging and I thought of visiting your blog to see your new post. Great to know you still enjoy your time in your garden. Drop me a line when you've time to spare and if possible visit my blog.

Pond Supplies said...

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