Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Autumn Musings
Autumn morning:  The house is quiet. I start my coffee in the espresso machine and look out the window to the East. Vapor rises from the pond and pink sunrise streams through the mist, looking ethereal. Seven robins squabble like siblings at the outdoor fountain.  Another robin stands guard in the middle of the bird bath, chasing away the finches that approach. A blue and white Stellar Jay hops around the rose bushes. The garden is spent except for a short row of beets that I should harvest. A few roses have survived the cold snap. I sip my latte and say, “Good morning!” to God.

Autumn afternoon: The late afternoon sun hangs low in the southwestern sky, streaming through the neighbor’s two red maples. Clear blue sky stretches over the mountains. Two foxes dart through the neighborhood—probably the same ones that I saw in our back yard a couple of days ago. A few leaves float to the ground from our Purple Autumn Ash, aptly named for its beautiful purple this time of year. Pruners in hand, I head to the rose bushes. I snip the last seven fragrant blossoms to enjoy indoors.


Sun brings the day, and moon and stars grace the night. I marvel at the predictability and rhythm of the turning of earth and the coming and going of days and seasons. Birds and foxes reproduce after their “kind,” as do all manner of flowers and vegetables. I acknowledge and thank Creator God for creation—for life, for my life and the beauty of this fall day. 

(c) Marlene Depler Permission must be granted to reprint in any form.