Monday, June 27, 2005

From the Ashes

Huge billows of black smoke rose from the mountains to the northwest of our home. Storm Mountain was ablaze. Firefighters were called in to contain the fire and attempt to protect the homes in the area.

After the fire was extinguished, my husband and I drove up the steep, winding road to see the damage. Acres and acres of beautiful trees were now only blackened sticks on the sides of the mountain. The devastation was sickening.

That happened two summers ago. Just two weeks ago, we took another drive up Storm Mountain. Blankets of lavender, white, yellow, pink, fuchsia, and red wildflowers covered the once marred mass of rock and earth, along with green native grasses. Charred tree trunks still stood as a memorial of what had once happened. Nevertheless, unbelievable beauty had risen from the ashes of a horrible fire.

Firestorms of disappointment, heartache, loss, and pain also come into our lives. We all end up singed, scorched, scarred, and charred---to some degree or another. Our own poor choices may bring ugly consequences. Things beyond our control may ravage us unexpectedly and leave our lives in rubble. Yet the message of Storm Mountain is one of hope. After a time, beauty can once again return from the ashes of our lives by the wonderful grace of God. HOLD ON TO HOPE!

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Anonymous said...

Well written and so true.