Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Birthday Morning

Sunrise this morning! Posted by Picasa

Today is my 55th birthday. I can start getting my senior citizen discounts. Wow! That's a scary thought. The discount at Kohl's department store will be nice, especially when I'm shopping for the grandchildren.


Images by Barbara Ann said...

Happy Birthday and may you have many more. Thanks for visiting my blog and inviting me to yours. It has been a real pleasure. Your photos along with your writings and poems are so inspiring. I am still in the process of reading them all.

My first comment was placed while visiting your lemonade stand. I couldn’t resist going to the very beginning. I haven’t tried your recipe but I will. The photo really caught my eye, as the others have also. It is a real blessing when you can’t sleep and you have the opportunity to visit someone else. I just couldn’t fall asleep and was up to about 4:30 AM.

Mom is 87 years old and I am caring for her. It seems that my radar is always on; so I have become a restless soul. The photo of Precious Moments was taken on July 4 with her great grandchild. Everyone had such a great visit as we celebrated that wonderful day.

You are now featured under Favorites so I can visit you every day.

It's 11:15AM according to my time.

Barbara Ann

Sharon K said...

A very happb birthday to a fello Leo. May you have a wonderful day filled with rainbows and roses.

Alice said...

What a glorious beginning to your birthday. I hope you had a very happy day indeed.

I often say when getting Seniors Discounts "there has to be some advantage in getting older."

Kerri said...

A very happy belated birthday to you marlene! Your colorful sunrise was a delightful way to start your day indeed! And then the sunset at the end of it was beautiful too. What wonderful artistry we see in the sky....and on the ground too :) Nature is a wonderful thing. Hope you had a really happy day. That senior discount is nice :)