Monday, August 28, 2006

When Day Is Done

When Day Is Done... Posted by Picasa

Shadows lenghten. The sun slips down behind the mountains. Soon a sliver of a moon slides out from behind the clouds. Day is done.

Sometimes I wish the day was longer, as there was more I intended to accomplish. No amount of fretting extends the hours in my days. Other days, I welcome nightfall. Pulling the soft sheets up over my weary body is a welcome thought. Tonight it is the latter. My work for today is done, and I will soon slumber.

Here is a poem I wrote:

"Nocturnal Bliss"
By Marlene Depler

Sleep---who can resist the summons
of nocturnal bliss? Pulled out on gentle tides
into a pool of dreams.

Sleep---welcome relief
from life's persistent problems.
Demands, decisions melt away
in this realm of the unconscious.

Sleep---a wondrous gift;
restoration for weary mind and body.
slumber beckons me away until morning.

(c) Marlene Depler


Sharon K said...

A beautiful picture and a wonderful poem and wrote by some one I know........very good post my friend.

Kerri said...

Once again, a beautiful poem. I wish words would form in my mind as well as they do in yours. You truly have a gift.
Now I feel sleepy, and I've only been up for a couple of hours this morning :)
There's nothing like a lovely sleep!!