Sunday, September 17, 2006

To Everything A Season: A Time to Plant and a Time to Harvest

Today I'm guessing that I gathered my last harvest for this season. The nights are definitely getting cooler. Tonight—maybe our first frost.

In some ways I hate to say good-bye to summer with its long hours of sunshine and green-leafed trees. I’ll miss the profusion of brilliant flowers—pink zinnias, yellow marigolds, purple clematis, assorted roses, and more. The fresh tomatoes and juicy watermelons...I’ll miss those, too. And I will really miss wearing sandals and light-weight summer clothes.

And yet there is a part of me that is tired from my summer labors: the watering, weeding, pruning. Yes, a part of me is ready for fall. Ready for what comes next. Especially, when what comes next is a visit from my daughter, Paula, along with her husband and three precious children. (They have been living in Bosnia for the past year and a half.)

I haven’t seen them in about a year. The last time we saw Jacob, he wasn’t even walking. Now he is almost two. He was only seven months old when they left. He won’t remember Nana and Papa’s house. Guess we will have to give him something new to remember! Rachel will turn four next month. And Brent is nearing six.

I can’t wait to scoop up my “babies” and smother them with hugs and kisses. The cupboards are filled with special snacks. New jackets and a fall outfit are laying out for each of them. The toys are ready. The books are arranged where they can be reached by little people.

It will be wonderful to have time with Paula and Jason as well—to catch up on their adventures. And Paula and I definitely need some mother-daughter time!

It will be great to have all of our children and grandchildren for meals and family fun. We have several things on the calendar: a day in the mountains, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese (pizza), and our own fall festivities.

Laura will get to meet her cousins, aunt, and uncle for the first time. David will get to have extra special guests for his eighth birthday later this week. Alicia wants to teach Rachel how to make "button soup," something she always liked to do when she was younger.

Thus, as I say farewell to summer, I will say hello to family from afar.


sharonkay said...

Good bye to summer and a big HELLO to your family and the days of Autum. You will enjoy the family time and I am sure your little one will remember you guys this time have a wonderful time and enjoy.....

Alice said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time with your family, Marlene. I'm sure you'll 'spoil them rotten'.

I know how much I look forward to the autumn here, but that's largely because of the relief from the heat, and trying to keep the garden alive. But at least we can continue to garden even through the winter, so I hope you still have plenty of time yet to enjoy your garden, too.