Sunday, May 13, 2007


By Marlene Depler

I listen to the cricket chorus
and the crickets beckon me
to a time that was
and never more shall be—
when sultry summer days
seemed to last forever
mud pies, marbles, jacks,
dill pickles and blackberry cobbler
dangling bare feet that didn’t reach the floor

I hear the call of the whippoorwill
And I am transported
to days and years that where
and never more shall be—
open windows, oscillating fans
banging screen doors
barefoot in cotton dresses
hide and seek with cousins
catching fireflies, and oh, those chiggers

My heart cries out when I’m alone,
longing for my mother.
She cannot answer me.
I yearn for all the days that were
and never more shall be—
fresh baked bread after school
her floral house dresses
her gentle hands and listening ear
a heart that cared more than I knew

I call out to God and He whispers back to me,
Reminding me of what now is and what is yet to be.

(c) Marlene Depler (Authors permission required to publish or reprint in any form)

Note: My mother died six years ago. Life support was removed on Mother's Day, so I always think of her today with sadness and joy intermingled.

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smilnsigh said...

Lovely, lovely poem.

And lovely tribute to your mother.