Saturday, June 02, 2007

Coming to My Senses

By Marlene Depler

Yesterday morning we were blessed with light showers. By afternoon the sun appeared, so I decided to squeeze in a walk even though I was busy doing laundry and housework. I headed out the door with a myriad of thoughts running through my mind.

Step by step my senses gradually came alive. The fragrant sweetness of the late-blooming Japanese lilacs awakened my sense of smell. Then the aroma of something freshly baked wafted from one of the homes I passed. Brown sugar and cinnamon, I thought. I was tempted to stop in and ask for a taste.

It wasn’t long before I noticed the hum of a lawnmower along with various tweet, tweets and chirp, chirps. Then there was the whir of tires on pavement as cars headed toward home at the end of a work week, and a train whistle in the distance.

My eyes couldn’t miss the giant pink and white blooms on the peonies, the little puffy clouds that looked like tufts of cotton, or the beautiful blue of the sky. I examined every yard for anything and everything that was blooming.

The sun warmed my skin. I reached out to touch the soft new green growth on a pine tree.

Yes, little by little I came to my senses. And as I did, my appreciation for those senses increased. I was reminded to experience life fully by enlisting each of those senses.

Perhaps you need a gentle reminder to do the same.


smilnsigh said...

Oh my, how wise of you to decide to squeeze in a walk... Even though you had plenty of work in the house to be done. And especially, with a myriad of thoughts running through your mind.

That last, always sounds like *trouble.* We hardly ever refer to happy, peaceful thoughts as.... "a myriad of thoughts running through our mind."

But going out into and noticing nature, changed all of that. Yes, we so often should remember to do this...


Sharon Kay said...

Beautiful words and a lovely post.......from a walk in nature.