Friday, June 15, 2007

Very Big and Very Small

My husband and I just returned from a vacation with our son and his family. We went to the coast of Oregon and then to Northern California to see the giant redwoods. This is my third time to see these mammoth trees, and yet their size still amazes me. It was fun to share this natural wonder with two of our grandchildren. The trees are quite the contrast with the smallest harbor! Enjoy the photos!

The world's smallest working harbor is in Depot Bay, Oregon. Quite a contrast from the Giant Redwoods!


Kerri said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. Looks like a lot of fun with the family. I'd love to go to both places.
I had to chuckle at your pink closet :)
Isn't a walk just the best thing? Now that summer vacation has finally begun I'll be able to fit some walking in..yah!
Happy summer!

Florida said...

Aunt Bobbie says she wished she could have gone on this trip! I remember how the trees make you feel very small. What a wonder that God made these giant tree's!
I hope your vacation was as good as it looked. Lots of love to you all. Have a happy Summer!