Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Very Own "Ruby Slippers"

I did it! I finally went out and did it! I purchased dark red shoes—and a matching purse. Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz had her ruby slippers. My own version of ruby slippers was long overdue.

I’ve always admired red shoes, but I’ve never owned a single pair in my 56 years. Perhaps I haven’t been confident and bold enough to embrace who I am and what I prefer. And then there’s my practical nature that just couldn’t allow me to buy shoes that wouldn’t match with everything. Thus, I’ve owned a multitude of black, brown, and white shoes.

A few weeks ago, a strange phenomenon overcame me. I decided to shop for a pair of red shoes. I’m not sure inspired me to lay aside my practical nature and honor my own preferences and desires. Perhaps it is understanding that life is much to short not to enjoy such a simple thing as a pair of red shoes.

Last week-end my eleven-year-old granddaughter helped me scour several stores looking for just the right pair of red shoes. Together we looked at every pair of red shoes in three huge stores. Most of them were high heels. That wouldn’t do for someone who rarely has a place to wear high heels—not to mention that comfort is still a high priority for me. We enjoyed the adventure, but came home with only a belt for my granddaughter.

This week-end my husband accompanied me to another store for my continued search. Up and down the rows of shoes I went until I spied a pair that caught my eye. I found my size and tried them on. Nice and comfy. Something that would go well with jeans and my typical casual style. Yes! These were the ones. Next I went to look for a matching purse. Sure enough! I found one I liked. And to top it off, my practical nature was satisfied because both shoes and purse were 40% off. I walked out of the store elated over my purchase.

We all need color. It fuels our creativity and energy. So consider adding a little splash of your favorite colors to your wardrobe, your home, your world!


Alice said...

And such a beautiful shade of red, too. Not too bright and garish, just very refined and classy - like their owner.

You said the world needs a little colour and that reminded me of a quote attributed to the late Dr Billy Graham's wife, Ruth. Someone asked her many years ago if she thought it was alright for women to wear lipstick? She replied, "Of course, even an old barn door looks better with a coat of paint!"

smilnsigh said...

Oh I too am on the hunt for a pair of red shoes! Is it in the air? :-)

I got a pair of red, Mary Jane sneakers. But they didn't work and I gave them to one of my graddaughters. So I'm still looking!

I also love the look of the toe of your shoe, since I have one silly toe which causes me to use _only_ a wider toe box. No more pointy toes for me!

I congratulate you on your find! Wish me luck, please. I still want my own! :-)


Gayle Gresham said...

I love your ruby slippers! And matching purse! How fun to search for your very own treasure and know it when you find it.

T*mmy said...

How very nice! I'm sure you'll look very spiffy in your favorite outfit...besides when I'm home in capri's or winter gym pants ;)

Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today...I've bookmarked yours!

Sharon Kay said...

I like the look and color oy your new shoes and handbag. I would say all your looking was worth it. Have a good and safe weekend.......Sharon K

Kerri said...

Perfect...really perfect! :) Good for you!