Monday, October 01, 2007

Wide Open Spaces

By Marlene Depler
Vast canopy of cloudless blue
stretches from horizon to horizon.
Blanket of endless prairie grass
unfurls as far as my eye can see.
Sky meets earth beneath.
Earth greets sky above.
Random windmills spin and twirl.
Not a tree anywhere.
Threads of barbed wire are stitched
to the earth with narrow fence posts
bordering miles of ribbon highway.
Not a soul in sight—
save the one beside me.
Quietness settles over me.
External expanse invites internal thoughts
to roam free and unconfined.

(c) 2007 Marlene Depler (Permission needed from author to reprint in any form)


Mom on the Go said...

let me wrote this one while driving to south dakota? i've driven that road MANY times. :)

Kerri said...

Beautiful words Marlene! I can see this on a page in a magazine beside one of your gorgeous photographs :)
You have a gift for words.