Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blonde Moment or Senior Moment?

I decided to make a tablecloth for my kitchen table, so I measured the length of the table and added a few inches to hang over the ends. Seven feet---that's what I would need. Then I headed over to the fabric store and found this wonderful toile fabric. I promptly took the bolt to the clerk and told her I needed seven yards.

After she had made the cut, it dawned on me that seven yards was a whole lot more than seven feet! Yikes! What had I done! I paid for the fabric and left the store with twenty-one feet of fabric. Fortunately, the fabric was marked down and then was on sale for 40% of the mark-down price.

So now I can make three table cloths. Or maybe I should make chair cushions and an apron. If you see me, who knows, I may have on capri pants and a shirt out of this fabric!!! (Just kidding!!!) Maybe you would like for me to make something for you.

On days like this, I don't know whether I am having a blonde moment or a senior moment. Maybe it's both!


Anonymous said...

Definitely "blonde moment"! If you dont get around to making the capri pants .... you can make me a table cloth to match. :) Paula

Alice said...

I did have a chuckle over that one. I once made curtains for a beach house and wondered why the kitchen curtains were way above the window sill. Why on earth was I thinking that there were 10 inches in a foot? Duuuur.

At least it's a fabric that would lend itself to being made up into quite a few different things.

I once spent about $350 on curtain fabric, having asked the saleslady to cut it into 5 metre lengths (I think it was). When I brought it home I found it clashed with every single thing in the loungeroom. I rang the shop and the lady said to bring it back as it was all in saleable lengths. I took a lounge cushion with me, and she said "You couldn't possibly have used that fabric." So I chose a contrasting colour then, instead of trying to match anything.

Kerri said...

At least it's very pretty fabric. Do you have any wedding showers coming up? A nice tablecloth would make a great present. Blond, or senior moment....you're not alone :)