Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer---and Lovin' It!

I’m a gardener, so of course, I like summer. Today I thought I would share the things I enjoy about summer:

Long hours of daylight—it lifts my spirits
Blue sky
Green lawns and shade trees
Gentle breezes
Every brightly blooming thing!! Pots, hanging baskets, flower beds, shrubs.
Eating outside—picnics, BBQs, and patio dining
Long walks in the morning or evening
Iced tea and lemonade
Popsicles and ice cream
Farmer’s markets with all the wonderful fresh produce
Porch swings and porches
Light weight clothing (No coats, bulky sweaters, etc.)
Mountain drives
Finches and robins in my bird baths
Air conditioning and fans
Cacophonic bird symphonies
Chatting with neighbors
Children playing outside

Note: the photos above are of my daylilies and wild columbines in the Colorado mountains.


Kerri said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! All those things! Summer is a wonderful time to celebrate all that beauty you describe...and all those 'less weighty' things. My summer days are very busy because I give myself far too much to do with too many gardens...but working in the garden is great therapy to me! And seeing all the flowers blooming is a great reward. I agree with all your's a wonderful time of year.

Kerri said...

I forgot to say I love your photos. Such lovely flowers. What a wonderful blue the columbine are.