Sunday, July 30, 2006

Letting Go!

Butterfly! Photo by Michael Jastremski

Several friends of mine are in the process of launching their children! It has reminded me of my days of trying to let go. This is a poem I wrote when my youngest daughter left the "nest." After you read the poem, you will know why I picked this photogragh.


By Marlene Depler

From the safety of the chrysalis,
you struggle to be free.
I watch your wings unfolding
in early morning light.
The color—the beauty—
as you flutter your wings,
and cautiously ponder solo flight.
You seem surprised
as they lift you into the air.
With steady gaze, I marvel
as you dance from rose to rose.
At last you catch a gentle breeze
of self-confidence, flying high
into nearby maple tree—until a gust
of uncertainty and fear casts you
to the ground below.
I gasp and hold my breath
for what seems like eternity.
I long rescue you
from life's harsh winds,
but I must not damage fragile wings.
I cannot watch, and yet I must.
When I think I can bear it no longer
your wings move up, then down,
and once more you soar into the sky.
Fly—fly high little butterfly! Feel my prayers beneath your wings!

(c) Marlene Depler

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Sharon K said...

How beautiful the poem is and to think that you wrote it. I love the picture of the butterfly and it goes so well with the poem......

Kerri said...

Oh that's a very beautiful poem Marlene. You certainly have a way with words. What a lovely tribute to your daughter.
It's such a heart-wrenching time, launching our children out into the world. You've captured the feelings so well. Such a beautiful picture too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom. Still love this one. I am so honored. Thank you! Love always, Lisa