Monday, December 15, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Five

Here’s to Health

Coughs, sniffles, and flu abound this time of year. Yet at the same time, we find ourselves getting less rest, being more stressed and hurried, and eating more sugar. We all need to be reminded to do something kind for ourselves— whatever we need to take care of our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. What do you most need right now to enhance your health?

I’m taking astragalus (liquid herbal supplement) to enhance my immune system and B vitamins to help counteract the increased stressors. Yesterday I allowed myself to fall asleep in the chair by the fireplace for about 20 minutes. I’m also making sure I eat a piece of fresh fruit each day.

Here are a few other ideas to get you started:
-Put on a pot of soup with lots of broth and vegetables
-Take a soak in the tub
-Sit and rest a few minutes (or as my grandma would say, “Sit a spell.”)
-Go one whole day with no sugar
-Rub a good quality lotion all over your body for dry skin and tense muscles
-Schedule tea with a friend
-Go to bed before the news
-Write a prayer

Why become unnecessarily depleted? We can pay attention to our overall sense of well-being. If we honor what our body most needs today, we will more likely have the energy to give and serve unselfishly in the days to come. If sickness or exhaustion gets us down, it won’t matter then whether we are too busy. Sickness makes us stop. We are finally forced to take care of ourselves.

So my challenge today is to promote your health in some small way. You are worth it!

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