Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Four

Music Therapy for the Holidays

Here it is December 14th, and I haven’t even pulled out my favorite Christmas CDs. This will be the next thing I do after writing today.

Often I get busy and forget to enjoy the simple blessings of the season such as music. It won’t cost me a cent to listen to music. And it will take less than five minutes to fill the five slots in our CD player with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Kenny G, or Josh Groban.

Music has the power to nourish us and to lift our spirits, so why not use it to bring blessing to us. I have determined to give myself a little music therapy today. Who knows? I may even find myself humming along or breaking out in song!

(I do realize that some of you are more advanced that I with your MP3 players and Ipods. So go download whatever brings you joy this time of year.)

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Mom on the Go said...

i'm gonna go put in a cd right now! i keep forgeting to do that.