Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Nine


Yippee! My husband and I have finished all of our shopping for Christmas gifts. Now I’m working on wrapping all of the presents in brightly colored paper and bows. Pretty packages under the tree are such a pleasant sight. And I can’t wait to see the delight on the faces of the grandchildren when they open their packages.

Most of us enjoy gift-giving IF we have the time, money, and good ideas for what the recipient might enjoy receiving. Sometimes there are occassions where we may give out of obligation—because it is expected. For the most part, giving is something we WANT to do. We like to bless and surprise family and friends with thoughtful gifts.

Receiving gifts is also a delight. Some of my friends have already dropped by with some sweet gifts, both literally and figuratively. Their kind gestures are appreciated, but their friendship is the greatest blessing. I even know what will be in one package under the tree because one of my daughters let me pick it out.

Yet all in all, when I think of gifts, I am so often reminded that our greatest gifts in life are never under the Christmas tree. The gift of God’s grace given through His only Son can’t be tucked neatly into a red and green gift bag. Many other gifts can’t be wrapped and tied with a bow: the gift of love, the gift of encouragement, the gift of health, the gift of freedom, the gift of food and shelter.

Together we could enumerate a host of things that are wonderful gifts that can’t be packaged to unwrap on Christmas morning. So as we think of gifts this season, may we keep in perspective the precious gifts that won’t ever be found in a box beneath a brightly lit evergreen tree.

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